Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Physiq will do it's best to ensure we have the right answers to your questions. Sometimes you want a direct response, we have compiled our most frequently asked questions with answers below. Click on the questions to reveal the answers!

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Product Info

Where Are Your Products Made?

All products are manufactured in the UK in Facilities under ISO9001 & ISO 22000 standards, which include strict quality management systems for tractability.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

This all comes downs to the individual and many metrics will be taken into consideration. Genetics, Diet, Workout routine and how hard you’re willing to work will all effect your results.

Can I Take Your Supplements Without A Planned Diet?

You can take our products without a planned diet, however we strongly recommend a planned diet and workout plan to get the maximum benefits from taking our products. Supplements, are there to help and supplement diets and workouts.

What If I Miss Taking Your Supplements For A Day?

Don’t worry, just continue to take the supplement dosage the next day, missing a day won’t break you, the same as training for one day won’t make you.

Shopping Online

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We have integrated PayPal Express to our store. The most trusted payment method online offering the best security online for our customers.

Allowing us to accept all major credit cards/debit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and PayPal®.

Do You Accept Credit Cards / Debit Cards For Payment?

Yes! Through our PayPal Express integration we offer a safe and secure method for you to use the following credit cards/debit cards:

Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and PayPal®

How Do I Use My Voucher Code?

If you have received a Coupon Code from Elite Physiq, simply enter the code into the box named “Coupon Code”, which is found in your Cart and click “Apply Coupon” Button.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes! We do ship internationally (Outside of USA & UK), however, it’s best advised to calculate shipping before you place your order. This can be done by clicking on “Calculate Shipping” (which can be found in your cart, positioned bottom right), once you have entered your Country, State and Postcode we can give you a definite shipping rate.

Shipping & Returns

How Can I Track My Order?

Once you have made your order you will receive a confirmation email which will include your Order ID number. Go to the following link: Enter your Order ID and Billing Address and you will be able to track your order.

Where Are Your Products Shipped From?

We do our up-most to ensure that all orders are shipped same day with a 3 day turnaround time in the countries of USA and UK. We have warehouses based in the USA and UK, allowing us to offer free delivery to all USA and UK addresses. We’re in the process of opening warehouses in central Europe, Canada and Australia.

I Have Received The Wrong Order, What Now?

If you have received a wrong order, firstly sincere apologies from our end. We do our best to ensure human errors are to a minimum.

Please email our support department at: and we’ll help rectify this problem.

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