Shredded Stack

$156.99 $125.49


Shredded Stack

$156.99 $125.49

Creatine Elite
Test Boost Elite
Fat Burner Elite

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Ready to take the next step? The Shredded Stack gives you the Fat Burner Elite, Test Boost Elite and the Olympian’s choice of supplement for building muscles Creatine, with our very own Creatine Elite.

Fat Burner Elite increases your energy for training and day-to-day activities while helping you fight cravings that could derail you from your goals. By keeping a Fat Burner Elite container in your war chest of fitness, you have a tool that will prepare you for the road to a better body.

The Test Boot Elite gives you the power for the road ahead, fueling you naturally by improving your strength while training and as you recover from a heavy workout.

As you focus on building muscles, Creatine Elite, gives you the energy to go the extra mile and is your tool as you go for the cuts and shreds that you’ve always aimed for.

The Shredded Stack is perfect for those in contest prep mode, whether it be for a physique show or a major sports event. You can get this for only £83. FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the UK and European Union.

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